Marital Counseling

Maritial Counseling Premarital counseling is a practical advice given to a couple in preparation for marriage by helping them to engage in open and honest communication. Premarital counseling can help the couple explore their unspoken expectations from each other. Most of us approach marriage based on individual experience and knowledge gained from growing up in our families and observing the communication and behavior style of parents and relatives. In most cases, these styles are embedded within us and stay dormant until we start living with our partners.

Premarital counseling can assist the couple to confront the unhealthy patterns of communication and conflict resolution in order to build a healthier foundation to start with. However, after marriage many couples experience changes in their perception of the other partner. Reality may hit and the routine of daily life can interfere with the couple's expectations. Extended family may try to advise the new couple and sincere friends may try to join in but it keeps getting worse and what seemed to be a very happy couple may turn to be the opposite. Almost every couple may have negative thoughts and feelings about each other. Post-Marriage counseling can help you identify your role in the conflict and what you can do to be the best spouse to your partner.

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