Life Adjustments

Life Adjustments Life has many stressors and in response, we may develop significant emotional or behavioral symptoms. The significance of our reactions to such stressors is identified by apparent distress that is exaggerated beyond what is normally expected or by serious impairment in social, occupational or academic functioning.

Life's stressors maybe a single event such as termination of an intimate relationship, or multiple stressors like marked business difficulties and marital problems. These stressors maybe periodic (e.g., associated with seasonal crises) or continuous like living with a chronically alcoholic partner. Stressors may impact a single individual, an entire family, or a larger group or community. Some of them may accompany specific developmental events like going to a new school, moving out, getting married, launching kids to college, or retirement.

You might be feeling depressed or anxious or even experiencing mixed depression with anxiety. Other symptoms can be decreased performance at work, school and temporary changes in social relationships. Severe symptoms could be associated with suicidal ideation or attempts, excessive substance abuse, or physical complaints.

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