Youngstown Depression Counseling

Depression is sometimes called the common cold of emotional problems because most people have experienced it at some time in their lives. You are not alone in your depression. All of us have experienced depression at some level and at some point in our lives. It can manifest itself in many ways; low mood, lack of interest in activities that were once favorable, non-diet related weight loss or gain, sluggishness, lack of energy almost everyday, sense of worthlessness, chronic difficulty making decisions, and many more symptoms.

Youngstown Grief Counseling

Grief is a natural process anyone goes through when facing any type of loss. It is a natural and essential part of our humanity, not something to avoid or be ashamed of. Losses can be moderate to severe depending on the degree of closeness and importance of the person or thing lost. People usually experience shock, denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance over loss.

You can learn how to honor your feelings and embrace the new situation by exploring your grief and allowing yourself to go through the healing process.

Youngstown Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety or worry is a state of apprehensive expectation about a number of events or activities. It can be difficult to control and is usually accompanied by restlessness, fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating, muscle tension, and disturbed sleep. This type of anxiety in general is not about having a panic attack or being embarrassed in public as in social phobias, or being away from home, or having a serious illness. That is to say there is no specific reason that causes the worry. However, we may experience types of normal worry about events or situations that may help us to achieve better results like getting ready for a test or a job interview.

Anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with normal functioning needed for daily life. Many symptoms and features may accompany such anxiety. Among them could be muscle tension, sweaty hands, and shortness of breath, fear of being in certain places or meeting with certain people.

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Welcome to Well Counseling

Counseling is a journey in which an equipped and experienced counselor walks alongside the person who seeks understanding and improvement of certain life issues and behaviors.

Counseling is never meant to be a passive experience - something being administered to you - but rather an active and dynamic encounter that leads to growth and change for the better.

Our counseling approach is toward wellness and healing. People face many life challenges that may result in a state of brokenness, fatigue, and burnout. As a result, we may try to satisfy our thirst for love, success, and comfort by drinking from various wells and resources. However, our thirst never seems to be satisfied.

Well Counseling will help you find the real Well from which springs forth the Water that is able to quench your thirst for answers to hard questions.

This is what makes Well Counseling Services dedicated to meeting your needs with various counseling techniques and spiritual resources to help you better face life's problems.

We offer individual, couple and family counseling in the following areas:

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